After upgrading VNX OE Code SMI-S (ECOM) Provider is reporting wrong code version

I discovered this issue a couple of weeks ago. I had to upgrade a VNX System from VNX OE code release to After the successful upgrade i saw that the SMI-S Provider (ECOM) hadn’t picked up the new code level. The program to test and validate SMI-S Provider Functionality is called testsmisprovider.exe. In my case it is located […]


VNX CLI commands

This is a collection of useful naviseccli commands. It is expanded continuously… Add Host to Storagegroup: naviseccli -h <SPA IP> -user <username> -password <password> -scope 0 storagegroup -connecthost -host <host name> -gname <group name> Add LUN to Storagegroup: naviseccli -h <SPA IP> -user <username> -password <password> -scope 0 storagegroup -addhlu -gname <group name> -hlu <host […]


Cisco MDS Zoning Mini Howto

Here is a quick’n dirty Cisco MDS Zoning Howto – collect WWPNs show flogi database add interface to VSAN: conf t vsan database vsan 10 vsan 10 interface fc2/1 check configuration change: sh vsan 10 membership create fcalias with VSAN 10: conf t fcalias name xxxxx_v0 vsan 10 member pwwn <pwwn> – create zone (initiator/target) […]


Powerpath vAPP 1.2 P05 “/etc/hosts” file is reset on every reboot

Today i found a strange behaviour on a freshly deployed Powerpath vAPP. Because the customer DNS server wasn’t ready at the time of the deployment, i had to use the local “/etc/hosts” file. I opened the /etc/hosts file with my editor of choice and added the lines for all ESXi servers + the vCenter itself. […]


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