Here is a quick’n dirty Cisco MDS Zoning Howto

– collect WWPNs

show flogi database

add interface to VSAN:

conf t
vsan database
vsan 10
vsan 10 interface fc2/1

check configuration change:

sh vsan 10 membership

create fcalias with VSAN 10:

conf t
fcalias name xxxxx_v0 vsan 10
member pwwn <pwwn>

– create zone (initiator/target) in vsan 10

zone name xxxxx_v0-xxxx vsan 10
 member fcalias
 member fcalias

– add zone to active zoneset in vsan 10

zoneset name VSAN-DIC-A_zs vsan 10
member xxxxx

apply config change and activate:

zone commit vsan 10

save config to startup-config

copy running-config startup-config

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